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Skip Hire Cardiff

Skip Hire Cardiff Safety Tips

Cardiff Caerphilly Skips are here to share with you our helpful advice on how to load a skip. People often think it’s best to just chuck everything in and let it pile up, but this isn’t a very efficient method.

To optimise the space you have, there are certain tricks when it comes to filling your skip up, read on to find out what these are to save yourself time and money.

Skip Loading Techniques Cardiff

Our years in the skip hire industry have allowed us to discover some useful skip loading techniques. These have proven to help people with saving money due to them having to rent another skip or being fined for over stuffing the one they already have. Our first tip is to separate the heavier items and put them in first. These also tend to be the bigger items, so they make the base of the pile easier to build on.

After that, you can break up everything else as much as you can and put that in on top and you’ll find this will fill in the space left if the rubbish is small enough.

A ‘hack’ people often use is to line the skip with planks or flat pieces of rubbish which they’re throwing away to make a bit of extra room vertically. It also can make the contents more secure and this is okay unless you take it to the extreme, like a lot of people do. In which case extra charges will have to be made, however, we do accept this if the boards aren’t protruding too much over the top.

We ask you to keep your skip on or near enough to your property not only for legal reasons but so your neighbours or passers-by don’t put any of their own rubbish in. This would be an issue as you will lose space for your own items or they may put non permitted items in.

Cardiff Caerphilly Skips

Whether you’re renovating or just clearing out your home, come to Cardiff Caerphilly Skips for the best skip hire. Hopefully our tips on how to correctly load a skip have helped you and will also do so in the future. We offer a range of other sizes and styles other than our Builder ones, so look at our website or call us today on 02920 862328 and speak to a member of our team


Common Items You Cannot Put In A Skip

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