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Skip Hire Cardiff Advice

Skip Hire Advice

Cardiff & Caerphilly Skips are here to offer skip-hire advice. Our many years in the industry mean we have experience with the industry and what to do for smooth waste removal. 

We often run into the same three issues when hiring our services. Read on for some tips to consider before you visit us.

Know What Can Go In A Skip

A question we wish we were asked more is ‘What can and cannot go in a skip?’. Most things can be recycled but, by law, there are a few that must be disposed of differently. These items include:

We do offer waste disposal services for hazardous waste materials. However, that is a separate service that we offer, distinct from the general waste we expect to find in a skip. 

if you need to dispose of both general and hazardous waste, be sure to contact us to find out how to arrange for each waste type to be collected and disposed of. 

Know What Skip Sizes Are Available

People often find it hard to work out which one of our skip sizes would be best for the job they’re undertaking. They don’t want to get one too small as all the rubbish won’t be able to fit and therefore, they’ll have to either hire another skip or dispose of it another way (which is not recommended).

Our best advice would be to hire one size larger than what you think you’ll need. That way, you’ve created extra headroom for unforeseen waste. 

Even for small jobs, you’ll be surprised at how much waste you can acquire. The size that fits most people best is our Builder Skip so that may be a good place for you to start. 

Still not sure? Call us at 02920 862328 to speak with a member of our team who will advise you on what’s best.

Plan Out Where You'll Put Your Skip

Another thing to consider is your skip storage. Make sure you have a designated space for the skip to stay whilst you are hiring it, this could be on your driveway or garden. It’s important it’s placed somewhere that it’s not going to get in the way as they aren’t easy to move.

You can also request a permit from your local council so the skip can be legally placed by the road. These usually last 28 days from the day you receive the skip, however, this may vary. Alternatively, we can produce a permit, but we allow several working days for it to be approved, for more information on this be sure to give us a call on 02920 862328.

Skip Hire Near Me

Be sure to come to Cardiff & Caerphilly Skips for quality hiring services which are reliable and friendly. If you have any other questions, we have an FAQ page on our website which should have all the answers you need. If not, don’t hesitate to call us on 02920 862328 and a member of our team will be happy to help.


Common Items You Cannot Put In A Skip

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