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Skip Hire FAQS

Common Sense Skip Hire Tips

When dealing with skips, commercial businesses are required to follow strict health & safety guidelines. Domestic customers are not governed by such regulations and rules, so some common sense skip hire tips are needed to ensure safe use

Where Is The Skip Being Placed

Before you start using your skip, you must first prepare where the skip will be placed. It needs to be positioned on a flat and stable surface, in an area that is free from obstructions and pedestrians. This may sound obvious but will firstly make it easier to load your rubbish into the skip and will also avoid causing injury or damage to other people.

Skip Hire Public Health & Safety

It is important that if your skip is located on a main or public road – you notify us at Cardiff & Caerphilly Skips. This is because the skip you are hiring may require safety equipment and a permit. We are more than happy to advise you on this procedure when you hire the skip.

Delivery Of Your Skip

On the delivery day of your skip, it is important you give clear instructions to the driver regarding where the skip should be placed. Prior to this, make sure the area is clear from any obstructions and that no people, pets or children are near the vicinity.

Once our experts have delivered the skip, you should never attempt to move the skip. They are extremely heavy, and doing so could risk injury or even damage your property and the skip itself.

Loading Your Skip

This may sound obvious, but when loading a skip, it is best to load bigger/heavier items first, with lighter/smaller items on top. Smaller items or materials like soil and commercial waste will fill the spaces left around these larger areas – making it a more efficient method of filling the skip.

Also important is the way in which you load heavy items to avoid injury to your back. If possible, get an extra pair of hand to help with loading the bulkier items. Keep your back straight, BEND YOUR KNEES and lift with your legs.

Never Overfill Your Skip

Overfilling of any skip can be dangerous and it is against the law for a skip company to move an overloaded skip. The contents of the skip should not be filled past the top of skip sides. Remember to talk to us about this if unsure and we can help.

If you feel that you could potentially overload your skip, it is always safer to order a large commercial sized skip than one that is too small. The cost may be higher, but you avoid the risk of hiring twice and even having to overfill a small skip. If unsure, talk to us about skip sizes.

Removing Hazardous Waste

When it comes to loading hazardous waste into skips, the simple rule is to leave it out. Items that are classed as hazardous will have their own set or rules and guidelines that govern their disposal. Items such as asbestos will need specialist help to seal with their removal, while other items like batteries or fridges should always be taken to a recycling centre to be disposed of.

Cardiff Skip Hire

Are you looking for skip hire in Cardiff? For a reliable and fast service at competitive prices, please call Cardiff & Caerphilly Skip Hire on 02920 862328. As a leading and fully licensed waste management company in Caerphilly, we offer a wider range of waste disposal and skip services for both domestic and commercial customers.

From Mini, Maxi and Builders’ Skips, through to roll on Offs, Tipper Hire and a Wait & Load service, we have the perfect solution for all your waste disposal & recycling needs. We hope that you now feel comfortable loading skips with these common sense skip hire tips listed above


Common Items You Cannot Put In A Skip

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