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Fly Tip Removal Cardiff

Fly-tipping is illegal, a nuisance and damaging to the environment. If you have had waste illegally dumped on your land, call us now for fast fly tip removal in Cardiff and the surrounding areas of South Wales. We have a fleet of fully licenced waste disposal vehicles. As a result, our team can come to clear and dispose of dumped waste quickly and efficiently at competitive prices. For further information or to arrange waste clearance. please contact us.

Fly-Tipping Clearance

We are licenced by the Environment Agency to legally carry and dispose of waste. Our fly-tipping clearance service is quick and efficient and will leave your grounds clear of rubbish. Our services are available to both commercial and residential clients. So, whether waste has been dumped on your front garden, agricultural land, public pathways, car park or commercial premises, we can shift it fast. To request a free quote, please contact us.

Do I have to pay for the waste to be removed?

If waste is illegally dumped on private land, then it is the landowner’s responsibility to arrange for it to be removed. If this has happened to you, then call us for a free, no-obligation quotation. It is also important that you report the fly-tipping to the Environment Agency or your local authority.

fly tipped waste for clearance by roadside

Can You Remove Hazardous Waste?

We are licenced to remove most types of waste. If you think that illegally dumped rubbish on your land contains any type of hazardous materials, then give us a call to speak to the team. Hazardous waste materials include oils, asbestos, chemicals and medical waste, to name a few.

hazardous oil waste fly tipping

Get a Quote for Fly Tip Removal

Call now to get a quote for fly tip removal in Cardiff and the surrounding region. We provide flexible pricing and the cost will depend on the type and volume of waste that needs removing and disposing of. Rest assured that as licenced waste carriers, we will dispose of all dumped rubbish in a responsible manner in line with environmental guidelines. In addition, if we can recycle any of the rubbish, we will!

Common Items You Cannot Put In A Skip

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