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How To Hire A Skip

How To Hire A Skip

If you have never hired a skip before, it might be pretty scary. Before you call most skip hiring firms, they appear to assume you already know how the industry works and what kind of skip you require.

All of the discussion about “cubic yards,” “commercial skips,” and other terms can leave the average skip hirer perplexed. So, to make things a little easier, we’ve put together this comprehensive skip hire guide.

Skip Hire FAQs

  • What can you put in a skip?
  • What size skip should I hire?
  • What is a skip permit or skip license?
  • What is a CPZ suspension fee?
  • How much should I expect to pay for my skip hire?
  • Can you help load the skip?
  • How long can I hire a skip for?
  • When is the skip collected?
  • How high can I load a skip?

What Can I Put In A Skip

The best way to figure out what can and can’t go in a skip is to make a list of what can’t go in a skip. The following are some of the most common items that cannot be discarded in a skip:

Clinical or medical waste, including syringes
Electrical appliances & equipment
Fluorescent tubes
Fridges, freezers and air conditioning units
Gas canisters and gas bottles
Hazardous & toxic materials
Oil, petrol, diesel
Paint & Cans of paint
TVs & computer screen

What Sizes Of Skip Are Available

The size of your skip is determined by the amount of rubbish and the amount of available space. The larger the skip, the less expensive it is every cubic yard/metre of rubbish removed. However, make sure you have enough waste to fill it; else, you’ll be out of pocket. Keep in mind that most municipalities prohibit skips larger than 8 yards from being placed on public roads.

What Is A Skip Permit

You will require a skip hire permit from your local council if you place your hired skip on a public highway rather than private land. This must be agreed prior to the skip being delivered. Skip permits (or skip licences) are an additional expense that takes a few days to get. Let us know if you need a skip permit

What Is A CPZ Suspension Fee

A restricted parking zone (CPZ) is a section of a road where parking is permitted only under specified circumstances and at specific hours. It is a pay-and-display bay, or there are yellow lines, and it requires a resident parking permit. CPZs also apply to skip rentals. So, in addition to a skip permit, if you want to put a skip in a CPZ, you’ll need a CPZ suspension.

How Much Is Skip Hire

Skip hire costs vary significantly depending on a number of criteria, including skip size (bigger skips cost more), location (the south is often more expensive than the north due to greater disposal and operation costs), and whether or not you need a skip permit (i.e.. if the skip is located on or off-road).

Click here to hire your skip or call 02920 862328

Will You Help Load The Skip

The skip hire service includes the skip’s delivery and removal, but not the labour to load it.

How Long Can I Hire A Skip For

Click here to hire your skip or call 02920 862328. If you need a much longer hire period than normal, just ask. If you’re putting the skip on the street, keep in mind the length of your skip permit and any parking restrictions. Both are costly, therefore the longer you rent the skip, the higher the additional fees will be.

When Is The Skip Collected

When you tell us to pick up your skip, we do so. You have the option of specifying a collection date at the time of booking or notifying us till later. The collection is usually completed within two working days on the day you choose.

What Are Skip Access Rights

Skips are typically delivered on big 7.5-tonne lorries that are significantly larger than a typical automobile. Make sure there is enough room for the skip lorry to access the site you want the skip to be placed, or think about moving it. If the road or gate access is narrow, confirm with us ahead of time to make sure the lorry’s dimensions will fit.

How High Can I Load My Skip

Only fill your skip up to the height of its sides because otherwise, the skip driver may refuse to collect it. This is because transport laws make it illegal to move a skip which is not ‘level-loaded’.

Skip Hire Near Me

With over 50 years’ experience in the waste management industry, we are one of the leading skip hire companies in Cardiff and Caerphilly. We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and process waste according to strict waste management regulations while recycling as much as we possibly can. With competitive prices, a prompt service and friendly drivers, we are the number one for skip hire in Cardiff.

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