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Cost Effective Rubbish Removal

Cost Effective Rubbish Removal

When you are starting any project rubbish removal is an important consideration in your planning process and being cost effective is just as important, as costs can spiral. Cardiff & Caerphilly Skip hire want you to make the best choices for your project and give you the best price too. Find out how cost-effective rubbish removal can work for you and still get an amazing service.

Can You Donate Any Items

Take a look at the items you wish to dispose of, can you donate any items? Are they still in working order but have just come to the end of their life with you? These items can be donated to local charities or in some cases they may need repair but can still go on to have a useful future with someone else. Contact local charities and associations, they will be able to tell you if they can take any items you wish to donate or be reused.

Can Your Rubbish Be Reused

Reusing rubbish through recycling is a great way to give items a new life. Separate recyclables from general waste and either take to your local centre or in the case of hiring a skip with us, we will ensure any items that can be reused or recycled make it to the right place. This can be a great way to help the environment and reduce carbon footprint.

Reduce Your Rubbish Bulk

If you have items that can be broken down to save on room, then it is always best to. This can reduce the size of skip you need. Bulky items can take up a lot of room and before you know it your skip is full.

Order The Right Sized Skip

Ordering the right size skip will mean you pay the correct price for your needs. Take a general stock of the items you will be disposing of; this will help you to best estimate what size skip you need. If you are unsure, contact us and our team are perfectly placed to give you the best skip advice in your local area.

Mini Skips

This skip size is ideal for anyone doing minor home improvements or clearing up their garden. The skips hold around two cubic yards (1.533 cubic metres) and are small enough to fit on most driveways, eliminating the need for an on-road permit.

Midi Skips

The perfect size for those larger home remodelling projects or outdoor landscaping projects where the Mini Skip is simply too tiny. Midi Skips contain twice as much trash as tiny Skips, around four cubic yards (about 3.06 cubic metres), and will fit on most driveways or gardens.

Easy Fill Skips

You might need something other than a standard skip if you’re dealing with larger things. Our easy fill skips include handy doors that make transferring big things at ground level a breeze. We have a wide range of sizes available.

Enclosed Skips

Because the lid can be closed and locked, enclosed skips are ideal if you need to lock your skip to prevent individuals from adding to or removing things that require recycling. There are a variety of sizes available.

Builders Skips

We’re getting serious now. These skips will store around eight cubic yards (about 6.12 cubic metres) of the hardest trash. If you require this size of skip, Caerphilly Skips will also take care of obtaining the appropriate on-road licences on your behalf.

Maxi Skips

With a volume of twelve to sixteen cubic yards, this is the Big Daddy of the skip world (approx. 9.17 to 12.23 cubic metres). The Maxi Skip will take care of your garbage disposal for extremely significant house and garden repairs or when you have a lot of heavy waste products. Caerphilly Skips can also assist you with obtaining on-road permits.

Skip Hire Caerphilly

For a cost-effective skip hire in Caerphilly, come to Cardiff & Caerphilly Skips. Having the wrong sized skip can cost you time and money. Our skilled team are experienced in finding the right service for you and your project. Contact us today on 02920 501 137.


Common Items You Cannot Put In A Skip

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