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Home Recycling Tips

Home Recycling Tips Cardiff

Recycling at home is something everyone can get used to doing. After a while, it just becomes second nature. Learning what is recyclable and what isn’t is easier to pick up and follow than you might think. Once you possess the right information, you’re all set. At Cardiff Caerphilly Skips, we believe it’s very easy to get into the swing of recycling, so long as you know how it all works. Also, if you have a lot of items to get rid of, contact a member of our team and we’ll do the job for you! We’ve put together some tips to help you perfect your recycling skills.

Recycling Reminders

Set up a system to remind everyone in the household about recycling. Putting up a recycling poster by the bins is one way to remind everyone not to forget about it. They also show what items go where to help you out.

Another helpful option is to keep the recycling container next to the main indoor rubbish bin. This makes it almost impossible not to recycle as the bin is right there! Talk with and educate children about why it’s so important. For younger kids, consider a reward system for the “best recycler of the month” to encourage and motivate them.

Plastic Bottle Recycling

Many items in the home are made of softer plastic that is great to recycle, these being things like mouthwash and water bottles. It’s not just disposable water bottles, though. Bottles can also be re-used and made into plant holders with a bit of decoration added to them or anything your imagination can think of!

Skip Hire For Bulk Rubbish

If you’re noticing things like junk mail or old items stacking up, the best way to handle this is to process it as soon as it arrives. Maybe get a friend to help you sort through it all in one sitting to get it out of the way. Then it can be taken out for recycling later. This is usually quite a big job but that’s what our services are made for! For any enquiries be sure to call us on 02920 862 328.

Cardboard Is Recyclable Too

Cardboard boxes, like cereal boxes and cartons, can be recycled. They should be broken down by opening them up, tearing them apart and folding them down until they’re flat as can be. Doing so removes a lot of clutter and prevents the boxes from taking up half the rubbish bin at the same time. This can be made fun to try and get the kids involved.

Unsure What’s Recyclable?

Local councils are keen on recycling. It’s efficient, good for the environment and reduces workload. Each council has a different list of guidelines when it comes to recycling. Therefore, you should check your local council’s information to see what exceptions they have so you don’t try to recycle the wrong thing.

Hopefully now you have a clearer idea on how to and how easy it is to recycle at home. If you have since reading this decided to give your home a full detox of rubbish, Cardiff Caerphilly Skip Hire can help take it away. Or alternatively, if you have any enquiries or questions still, call us on 02920 862 328. Happy recycling!

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