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What Is Fly Tipping? Illegal Waste Disposal

Fly tipping is the practice of dumping waste on public or private properties without permission. This is illegal. Not only is it nuisance behaviour, it can also pose a health risk to humans and animals. Anyone could be at risk of causing this offence, and it’s not always easy to tell if you’ve been caught up in illegal waste disposal. Continue reading to discover more.

Why Do People Fly Tip?

Most often, fly tipping is a result of laziness or an unwillingness to pay the fees associated with responsible waste disposal. However, the fines involved in prosecution for illegal waste disposal far outweigh what is asked of those who use proper disposal methods.

Unfortunately, there are rogue traders who pose as Licensed Waste Carriers who take people’s money in exchange for fly tipping their rubbish. If you haven’t double-checked that they are indeed licensed to manage waste, you could be landed with a fine if they fly tip on your behalf. The responsibility lies with you to hand your waste to a responsible company, so don’t hesitate to carry out checks before handing any money over.

fly tipping banner rubbish on roadside

How To Prevent Fly Tipping

If you’ve had people fly tipping on or near your property, you’ll probably want this to stop. A good deterrent is CCTV video surveillance. If you catch the criminals on camera, the footage can be taken to the police and they can be prosecuted. Criminal activity is less likely to happen in Neighbourhood Watch areas. Find your local scheme provider and discuss your concerns with them if you notice fly tipping in your neighbourhood.

Be Responsible For Your Waste

It’s important to ensure that you manage your own waste responsibly. If you go to use a public bin and find it’s overflowing, you shouldn’t leave your waste next to the bin. This is actually fly tipping, and could land you with a fine. Instead, you should find another bin with enough capacity for your rubbish, or take it home to dispose of responsibly.

It may seem pedantic, but there’s a reason for these laws to be in place. Fly tipped waste is a health hazard, and it can cause a lot of problems. Waste that isn’t put in the right places can be interfered with by animals and birds. This can result in rubbish being strewn all over the place, spreading the health hazard further.

Dispose Of Your Waste Properly With Cardiff & Caerphilly Skips

We can pick up and dispose of your waste legally and responsibly. Our team are licensed waste carriers with the facilities and knowledge to recycle as much of your waste as possible. Contact us today to enquire about any of our services.


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