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What Happens At A Landfill?

When rubbish can’t be recycled, where does it go? Every household in the UK will generate waste, and there will nearly always be things that can’t be recycled. Sometimes, the waste will have to be incinerated or composted. However, if there’s no other way to treat the waste, it will have to go to landfill.  

What Is A Landfill?

Landfills are a final destination for waste that can’t be otherwise treated. They’re all contained in one place to ensure they can’t contaminate anything else or cause environmental hazards. Because a large amount of waste is unable to be recycled, landfills have become very full. Therefore, there are a lot of initiatives in place to encourage people to recycle as much as they can.

Why Is Incineration Not More Popular?

Incineration is an alternative to sending waste to landfill. However, it’s a little controversial. This is because there are worries about the emissions that burning waste produces. Because technology has advanced in recent years, the amount of toxic smoke released is a lot lower. Emissions are controlled and monitored to ensure they don’t cause a lot of environmental damage. The energy produced from burning can also be used to make electricity.

With that being said, landfills are not perfect. Because waste is piled up, methane emissions are released over time. There are pros and cons of each waste disposal method, so a combination of both is generally accepted as being best practice for now. In the future, we hope to see better options that allow us to reduce waste volume without affecting the environment.

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How You Can Help

Although landfills are very much a necessity, it’s still important that we do our part to reduce the amount of waste that goes there. We all need to do our bit by recycling as much as possible. You can also make better choices by selecting products that aren’t packaged in single use plastics.

Investing in reusable shopping bags, coffee cups and straws are small ways you can make a difference. When enough people have made the switch to green alternatives, there will be less demand for single use products. Therefore, there will be less products on the market that will only end up in landfill.

For Waste Recycling, Choose Cardiff & Caerphilly Skips

If you’ve got waste that needs to be taken away and recycled, get in touch with our team today. We can hire out skips or bring our vans to your property to ensure your rubbish is transported away quickly and efficiently.


Common Items You Cannot Put In A Skip

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