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Household waste pile build up

How To Reduce Household Waste?

With environmental issues and the ever-increasing pressure on local authorities to reduce waste and recycle wherever possible we now more than ever need to do our part for the environment. Caerphilly and Cardiff, like many other counties, strives to be at the forefront of recycling and this mindset needs to begin at home – your home!

read and follow some of the simple tips each day we can all help to do our part for the environment and help reduce our household waste.

Use Products With Recyclable Packaging

One of the best ways to reduce our household waste is to avoid buying the products that are over-packaged especially with all that unnecessary plastic wrapping. Look for items that have paper or bio-degradable packaging. This will ensure that any waste that does get thrown away will naturally decompose very quickly or can be recycled and made into other products in the future.

Why Use A Compost Bin?

One of the simplest and least costly ways we can recycle household waste is to use a compost bin or put garden and food waste in a designated compost bin. Almost all the households in Cardiff now have a brown recycling bin for this garden and food waste. By collecting together your lawn and hedge cuttings, food waste and vegetable peelings we can then either put it in the brown bin for collection or alternatively if you have your own compost bin in the garden, you can recycle this waste and reuse the resulting compost to fertilise the garden flower beds.

Why We Should Reuse Plastic Bags?

Plastic bags are one of the biggest problem areas when it comes to the amount of waste that is thrown away each year. One of the best ways to do our part with this growing problem is to limit the number of plastic bags we throw away by simply reusing them when we go shopping. Better still you may want to consider buying a bag for life to use on shopping trips instead of collecting more plastic bags which will be subsequently thrown away.

Why Not Hire A Skip?

Large and bulky items can be a problem to dispose of. If you can fit them in a car or trailer you may want to consider taking them to the local recycling centre or for bigger amounts of waste, you can hire a skip of your own and have it collected from your house.

Why Sort Your Recyclable Waste?

Recycling does begin at home and sorting your rubbish as you throw it away will help with its recycling at a later date. As you throw rubbish out filter it into the rubbish types. Put glass, squash, tin cans and plastic bottles and put them in your blue bin or other designated recycling box. Cardboard can be squashed or folded into their own recycling boxes and again put food waste in either the plastic compost bin or your own garden compost heap.

Recycle Cardiff And Caerphilly

By applying these small changes each day, we can all help to do our bit for the environment and help to reduce the amount of waste that is taken to landfill sites and help sort recyclable items which can be turned into other products.

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