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Brexit And Recycling Laws

In fact, no one knows what the repercussions will be for the good old UK if (or IF, if you listen to Mrs May’s speeches) the government invokes Article 50 of the EU Treaty, whether in terms of recycling legislation, trash management, or any other regulations! These are unexplored waters, and the one certainty is that there will be uncertainty, a lot of uncertainty!

UK Recycling Laws

Because environmental issues were not prominent in the referendum campaign, they are unlikely to be high on the government’s priority list as it navigates the UK out of the EU in what is expected to be a prolonged process.

Waste Management Cardiff

In the medium term, waste management companies should expect no changes in recycling laws in the UK, and they should continue doing business as usual. Existing waste management rules will continue to apply, and existing contracts will need to be completed. Many of the environmental laws in the UK incorporate international treaties and accords, and we would still be obliged by them, the most visible of which is the Basel Convention on Transboundary Movements of Waste.

EU Environmental Laws

If the UK and the EU reach an agreement that offers the UK full access to the single market, EU environmental laws are likely to remain in force. This includes all waste management-related laws as well. However, as a non-EU member, we would have no say in the creation of new legislation, as these are decisions that can only be voted on by EU members. Certain environmental legislation, like as the Birds and Habitats Directives, could be repealed, requiring the government to decide on new laws and policies in such sectors.

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Because environmental problems are frequently overlooked, the UK may be able to negotiate a separation deal that excludes the obligation to continue to apply EU environmental rules in the UK. The government may elect to leave the current waste management regulations in place because it makes sense to keep them regulated. Lowering the criteria, on the other hand, would offer rogue operators more leeway.

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A third option is that the government will be able to design their own waste management rules and strategies if the UK does not have to apply EU laws. The greatest stumbling block in such a situation would be if some sections of the UK opt to enact more rigorous rules, while others chose to relax environmental laws and policies, particularly if they believe they are a barrier to economic progress. Of course, any current laws and regulations that implement international treaties and accords would be considered.

So The Best Waste Management And Recycling Business In Wales Is..?

Whilst we can speculate about what the possible outcome might be in terms of recycling laws nobody knows what the future holds, and with a leadership election currently taking place within the ruling party, it will be a while before anyone is in a position to push the metaphorical button that begins the whole Article 50 process. The UK waste industry, just like other UK industries, will just have to wait and see what happens


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