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Your House Clearance Guide

Your House Clearance Guide

Knowing how to get your house ready for a clear-out can seem daunting, but having a plan and ticking off each step as you go will keep everything in order. Whether you’re moving home or just having a good tidy-up, having a plan will make the whole process a bit less stressful.

We have put together some tips to help you with all the minor and major jobs. This is your house clearance guide.

What’s Staying Or Going?

Deciding on what’s staying or going is the first step in your house clearance. Take the time to work your way through each room in your house and make a list of the items you want to either donate or dispose of, the items staying can look after themselves for now. Split your list into two so you don’t dispose of anything you shouldn’t.

Once your list is ready, start collecting the items you want to donate to your family, friends, or a local charity, and start moving them out of your home and onto their new home.

Now you have cleared all these items it’s time to start getting all the items you want to dispose of. This could be old furniture, clothing that has seen better days and anything else that has come to the end of its life in your home.

Clearing Out Your Kitchen

Sort Your Cleared Items

Make a space somewhere out of the way of the main house, such as your garage or drive. Separate the items into what can be recycled and the items that will go into general waste. This will make it much easier when you need to dispose of them.

rubbish outside a home ready for a wait and load skip service

How Long Will Your House Clearance Take?

There is no set time for doing your house clearance but putting aside a weekend should be more than enough to get you moving.

Make your plan during the week and you will be ready at the weekend to get things moving. Don’t worry if it’s not all done in one go, you can always finish off next weekend.

Now, have you hired your skip?

A skip with waste in it waiting for pickup

Contact Us For Skip Hire Services

For ideal skip hire in Caerphilly, look no thorough. A skip is the perfect way to dispose of most waste in your home that needs clearing. Cardiff & Caerphilly Skips provide a complete service for our customers and are more than happy to discuss your skip needs. Contact us today and our skilled team will be more than happy to help.


Common Items You Cannot Put In A Skip

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