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What Can Go In A Skip

What Can Go In A Skip? Rules And Regulations

With over 50 years of experience in the waste management industry, you can feel assured that we are specialists in what we do. We can provide you with expert advice and services six days a week. Need to know what can go in a skip, from domestic to hazardous materials? We have the answers for you. We offer a variety of sizes, with different skips available to hire for different materials. Our customers always feel satisfied, knowing we have strict rules and regulations in place, so our waste disposal is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Skip Hire Rules

First and foremost, illegal dumping of the waste (fly tipping) is a huge problem our country has been tackling for a long time. Not only does it cost the UK economy a lot of money, but it causes extensive damage to the environment. So, make sure you come to us and we will dispose of the waste for you. If you have a significant amount of waste, use our Tipper Hire service (we can carry up to 20 tonnes of materials!). Whether it’s construction waste, household, garden – we can do it all.

In terms of safety, ensure that when you hire a skip from us, you put it in the right place. It is against the law to block other people’s driveways, utility points, place it on double yellow lines and within fifteen metres of a junction.

If you’re concerned about where to put your skip, we offer a Wait and Load service where we can send a friendly member of staff to you. They will bring the skip you require, wait whilst you load and take it away instantly. For more information on the rules and regulations of hiring skips, please visit our website.

Most companies don’t deal with hazardous materials, however, depending on the case, there might be something we can do. Give us a call on 02920 501 137 to find out more information about the hazardous materials we can dispose for you, promptly and professionally.

Do You Need A Licence For A Skip?

If you’re hiring a skip to put on a public road, you must have a licence. This is a service we are able to arrange for you. They are issued through the council and can take up to seven days (maximum) to be approved. Therefore, we recommend to allowing extra time for your permit to come through.

Can Skips Go On A Public Road?

As long as you apply for a permit, you are allowed to place a skip on a public road. This is also judging you stick to the rules and regulations to ensure public health and safety. Bins must have a company logo and emergency contact details in the event of disruption. All of our skips have our company name and phone number on. It is also a rule to have reflective marking along the edges of the skip, and traffic cones surrounding the area to warn the public and safety lamps for visibility at night. You can tick all of the above off if you use our specialist skip services. Send us an enquiry today, our email is: info@caerphillyskips.co.uk.


Common Items You Cannot Put In A Skip

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