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Hire Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Sale & Hire

  1. All hire services are for a period of 7 days unless otherwise stated.
  2. Alternative hire periods may be agreed by prior arrangement.
  3. Hirers must notify Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd within 1 working day of a waste receptacle being filled.
  4. Reasonable time (48-72 Hours) must generally be allowed for collection, unless agreed by prior notice.
  5. Once a skip has been paid for, any cancellations will incur charges of £10 + vat and permits are non-refundable. These amounts will be deducted from any refunds processed.
  6. Waste should not protrude from, or over the edges of waste receptacles.
  7. All loads must be reasonably easily secured.
  8. Some materials must not be placed in waste receptacles, such as:
    1. Asbestos, in any format.
    2. Medical waste, including used or unused hypodermic needles.
    3. Paint, paint thinners and associated chemicals.
    4. Pressurized containers, including deodorant canisters and Calor gas cylinders.
    5. Oils, including those used for food purposes.
    6. Any fuels, solvents or other combustible substances.
    7. Any radioactive material or nuclear waste.
    8. Any illegal or controlled substances.
    9. Any other harmful chemicals, infectious substances, irritants, marine pollutants etc.
  9. Caerphilly Skip Hire may arrange disposal for some of these items by prior agreement but additional charges could be applicable.
  10. If any of these materials are found in waste receptacles, photographic evidence will be recorded and a charge will be applied which will equate to the disposal cost of the items or materials in addition to an administrative charge which will equal the greater of £35.00 or 15% of the disposal costs incurred by Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd.
  11. Similar additional charges may be levied in respect of overloaded waste receptacles, either for additional disposal costs or the time taken by our operative to safely secure a load.
  12. It is the Hirers responsibility to ensure that the location at which they order the skip to be deposited is safe for a HGV to operate in, although a risk assessment will be undertaken by Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd, we cannot be responsible for assessing whether the hirer’s or a third party’s property may or may not be damaged by the activity of depositing and collecting a waste receptacle.
  14. By inviting a Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd vehicle off the highway, the hirer certifies that they have used reasonable diligence in assessing that the situation is safe and appropriate for a HGV of up to 32 tonnes in weight to operate in (including the use of an independent, qualified safety assessor where applicable).
  15. The hirer assumes liability for any damage, injury or costs arising from any incident where the hirer’s requirements in respect of the situation of their waste receptacle have substantially contributed to the likelihood of its occurrence.
  16. Any costs associated with damaged property (including that belonging to Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd) once our vehicle has been instructed to leave the public highway shall be borne by the hirer.
  17. The hirer agrees to indemnify Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd against any claim made by a third party in respect of personal injury, or damage caused to private property in these circumstances.
  18. This clause is not intended to restrict a hirer’s statutory rights – if Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd can be demonstrated to have exhibited negligence or excessive incompetence which causes damage to any property we will retain liability for claims and will co-operate fully with hirers and third parties in resolving cases of damage to the satisfaction of all those involved.
  19. In cases where a customer places an order for delivery or collection of a waste receptacle, but cannot receive delivery or accept collection for any reason, a wasted journey charge of £2.50 per mile shall be payable. “Wasted journeys” will be defined as such at the sole discretion of Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd.
  20. Mileage shall be calculated based on the whole return journey from CF83 3QS, to and from the delivery or collection address, as calculated by Google Maps.
  21. If the hirer can demonstrate that every effort was made to receive a delivery or accept a collection, but exceptional circumstances (such as a car arriving and obstructing the waste receptacle) had occurred. Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd may agree, at its sole discretion to reduce the wasted journey charge by up to 50%.
  22. The wasted journey charge may be wholly remitted in very exceptional circumstances, or where an appointment which has been agreed in writing is not kept by Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd.
  23. Generally we will not verbally agree firm appointment times for deliveries or collections as we cannot reasonably guarantee our arrival at specific times due to factors such as traffic and mechanical failures.
  24. If the hirer believes that wasted journeys may occur if a delivery or collection time is not adhered to by Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd, the appointment should be agreed in writing.
  25. Additional hire charges may be levied in respect of guaranteed appointments.
  26. If the hirer uses an order number system, the wasted journey charge will be invoiced against the order number under which the service was initially requested.
  27. Under the terms of a hirer’s contract with Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd, no authorisation or notification will be guaranteed in respect of wasted journey charges.
  28. Wasted journeys, without exception will be subject to the standard conditions irrespective of the hirer’s procedures or conditions.
  29. Where a waste receptacle is placed on the public highway at the hirer’s request, the hirer shall be responsible for ensuring that adequate lighting and cones are in place to ensure the waste receptacles is suitably visible to road users, until it has been collected.
  30. The hirer shall bear any costs or loss of service which is incurred due to instructions given by the Local Highways Authority.
  31. Should a waste receptacle require a Highways Authority permit, the hirer shall be responsible for all costs associated with the permit and any conditions resulting from it.
  32. Should a hire period extend beyond a period for which a Highway permit has been granted, the hirer shall be responsible for contacting Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd in order to renew the permit as required.
  33. If full payment is not received in respect of renewing a permit 72 hours prior to its expiration, Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd reserves the right to collect the waste receptacle to which it pertains as if the hire period upon it had expired. The hirer will remain liable for the full hire charge in these circumstances irrespective of the quantity of waste deposited in the receptacle.
  34. A skip may be collected on the instruction of a Highways Authority, prior to the expiration of a hire period or permit and the hirer remains liable for the whole cost of the hire period.
  35. Discounts may be agreed as a gesture of good will in these circumstances, but the value will not exceed the cost of disposing of general waste to a volume equal to that of any unfilled proportion of the waste receptacle at the time of collection.
  36. The hirer shall be responsible for compensating Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd should a waste receptacle or any other hire equipment be subject to damage, defacement or excessive wear and tear during a hire period, irrespective of the cause of the damage, defacement or wear and tear.
  37. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure the safety and security of any hired equipment, including waste receptacles.
  38. The hirer shall be responsible for compensating Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd should a waste receptacle or any other hire equipment be lost stolen or otherwise misappropriated.
  39. If for any reason whatsoever, hired equipment cannot be collected after the hirer is given reasonable notice by Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd, the hirer shall be liable to the full cost of replacing the equipment in addition to an administration and restocking fee equal to the greater of £95.00 or 20% of the replacement cost.
  40. The stated cubic capacity of waste receptacles may be subject to a variation of +/- 10% due to inconsistencies between manufacturers and variations which result from repairs.


Credit Terms

  1. Invoices will be issued on the last working day of each calendar month and include charges in respect of all goods/services provided during that calendar month.
  2. Any disputed charges must be notified to us by e-mail within 10 days. Correspondence should be addressed to info@mjonescws.co.uk.
  3. Wasted journey charges are applied at the discretion of Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd and (subject to evidence that the journey was incurred and the service was not rendered), shall not be subject to dispute on the basis of the customer not agreeing to them.
  4. Charges will be supplied in the form of a written schedule, or agreed verbally upon booking. By accepting delivery of equipment the hirer certifies that they are aware of the charges which are applicable for the service they are receiving.
  5. Details of any charges applicable to an account are available at the customer’s request, Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd will respond to such enquiries promptly and transparently in writing, by e-mail in person or over the telephone.
  6. Full remittance must be received by Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd within 30 days of invoices being issued.
  7. The date of issue will be detailed on each invoice.
  8. A temporary extension of credit terms may be negotiated in very exceptional circumstances. In these cases any arrangement made will not restrict Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd in commencing Court proceedings and taking recovery action at our discretion.
  9. Payments may be made by cash, cheque, credit/debit card and bank transfer.
  10. A £10 administration charge will be levied in respect of dishonoured cheques.
  11. If a cheque is received in remittance of an account balance, and is not honoured for any reason, we automatically cease accepting cheques as a method of payment in respect of the account.
  12. Failure to comply with our trading terms may result in suspension of credit facilities and a demand for immediate settlement of any balance.
  13. Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd reserves the right to withdraw credit facilities indefinitely without notice.
  14. Our Policy is not to provide a reason for our decision in respect of credit applications and account terms due to the sensitive nature of the information which is used in the assessment process.
  16. Any signatory should be an authorised representative of the applicant Customer, Directors or company owners, by applying for a Trade Credit Account the signatory agrees to personal guarantees by the customer, Directors or company owners to pay all charges due in respect of the account in accordance with the terms prescribed by Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd.
  17. Those conditions of sale (as modified, amended or updated by Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd from time to time) shall apply to all sales of goods or services.
  18. The signatory to the credit agreement agrees to personally guarantee the performance of the contract by the organisation on whose behalf the signature is given, including any financial obligations arising from any changes in the credit limit of the credit account made by Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd.
  19. In the event of failure, default, or non-compliance in respect of the Terms and Conditions of this contract, Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd reserves the right to proceed against a company, partnership and/or the signatory personally to pursue recovery of any outstanding balance.
  20. To obtain information in support of credit applications, Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd or agents acting on its behalf may search the files of credit reference agencies.
  21. In the event of failure, default, or non-compliance in respect of the Terms and Conditions of this contract, Caerphilly Skip Hire (CWS) Ltd reserves the right to employ a third party to settle any outstanding debt on our behalf, which may incur additional charges.


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