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Christmas Recycling

Recycling Christmas Waste: A Guide

Our Christmas recycling guide covers the kinds of waste you’re likely to find, receive, and create during the holiday season.

“One person’s trash is another’s treasure,” and this is especially true when it comes to recycling your Christmas waste. According to Sainsbury’s Bank data, a whopping 5% of British people ‘re-gifted’ products they received over the previous year’s holiday season.

Among these, 8% of people – over 150,000 working-age Britons – do so because they don’t want to harm the environment by buying something else, and 40% or over 750,000 people re-gift to avoid waste – interesting figures and probably a lot higher now.

During the holiday season, reducing Christmas waste and recycling can be a difficult task, but one that is simple to achieve, if often forgotten. However, there are a few simple things that we can all take to keep more festive items out of landfills across the United Kingdom.

How To Recycle At Christmas

From Christmas cards and wrapping paper to Christmas trees and old and broken decorations, there is a large amount of Christmas garbage that may be recycled. So, if you have a real Christmas tree this year, look for a collection or recycling site in your neighbourhood park, where it may be shredded into wood chips and utilised straight on the flower beds.

Most paper nowadays can be put into your normal waste recycling bin. Remember though, that foil and holographic Christmas wrap is often made from non-recyclable plastic film. Avoid putting those greasy wrappers into the paper recycling. They can contaminate the entire load and render it useless and unrecyclable.

To be more eco-friendly, look out for wrapping paper made of recycled materials, or consider wrapping in lightweight tissue paper if it doesn’t need to be so robust.

Food And Drink Packaging And Recycling

Food and drink packaging is a big source of Christmas recycling materials. Most of us have dealt with the frustration of a full general waste bin that isn’t going to be emptied for another week or two. 

Recycling Christmas rubbish reduces the quantity of rubbish that goes into your general rubbish bin, allowing it to stay below capacity until the first bin collection following Christmas or even into the New Year.

Keep in mind that foil food trays, such as quiches, mince pies, and other buns and tarts, can be recycled. A mere six mince pie trays can save enough energy to power your television for the entire Christmas Day episode of the Kings’s Speech!

Christmas Skip Hire

Whether you’re expecting a houseful of visitors and family, or if you run a business and will be experiencing high demand throughout the holiday season, consider renting a skip to deal with the extra rubbish generated.

A mini skip will not take up much space but will provide additional space for general waste, with the added benefit of skip hire companies extracting any recyclable waste and only sending to landfill the materials that cannot be recycled – meaning you won’t have to worry about separating your waste when you’d rather be having fun over the holidays.

Contact Us For Skip Hire

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As a leading and fully licensed waste management company, we offer a wide range of waste disposal services for both residential and commercial customers. 

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Common Items You Cannot Put In A Skip

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