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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Skip Hire

Looking for a skip hire? Large waste containers provide safe disposal for many different types of projects. Whether you’re renting one out for a home renovation or a large building demolition, there are a range of things to do to make the most out of your waste container.

Load It Up Correctly

Ever played Tetris? If you’re a fan of the video game, it should be simple when it comes to skip hire. When loading a container, the trick is to maximise the space you have and try not to leave gaps. 

One technique is to put the smaller and lighter materials on first, this way they’ll be squished down when larger things go on top. Another tip is to break up larger items if you can. This will give more flexibility as to what you can put in the remaining space.

What Can Go In A Skip

Skip Hire Tip: Don’t Overfill

Ensuring you fill a container level is important, as some companies won’t take it unless it is filled up correctly. This can cost time and money, so make sure you are following the instructions. Picking the right size skip in advance is vital so you don’t end up overloading the container. If you know you’ve got a big job, it’s better to go for the larger size to ensure there’s plenty of room.

Overfilling doesn’t just run the risk of not being picked up, but it may pose a serious health and safety threat. Tumbling debris could cause an injury to you, workers or passers-by, which is why you should always fill level during your skip hire.

Don’t Throw Away Prohibited Items

There is a list of things that can’t go in the typical container. Items such as electrical equipment, tires or gas cylinders shouldn’t be put in a skip. Make sure none of these are present during your renting period. If you were to chuck a prohibited item away, you could face a fine. To make the most out of your skip hire in Pontypridd, ensure no prohibited items are being binned so everything runs smoothly.

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Common Items You Cannot Put In A Skip

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