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5 Reasons Why Hiring A Skip Is Better Than The Tip

Domestic skip hire is above all a convenient alternative to visiting a tip. Whether you’re renovating parts of your house, having a general clear out or having work done to your garden, there are many reasons why you might create a good amount of waste. It may be tempting to take a few trips to the tip to keep costs low, but hiring out a container might be worth it when thinking about the size and time of your project. Here are just some reasons why we think skip hire is better than visiting the tip.

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Domestic Skip Hire: Convenience

As we’ve previously said, domestic skip hire is convenient. Having a container metres away from your property is going to make your project much easier. Trips to the tip can involve long queues, confusion and being restricted by their working schedule. With a container on the drive or road, you can simply worry about the short journey from home to container.

Cost Efficient

If you make multiple trips to the tip there and back, fuel costs are going to rack up. A heavier load increases fuel consumption too. For big projects, the one-time cost of domestic skip hire is a no brainer.

Less Effort

When you visit a tip, you will have to load items in your vehicle, and unload them the other side in the appropriate place. You will have to sort through your waste to look for items that could be recycled and sort them into piles to put them in the correct receptacle. All of this is quite the work out. Plus, if you are planning to drive a van or larger vehicle, you may be required to get a permit beforehand, which can take some time and effort. With domestic skip hire, you only have to do half the lifting, and it won’t take much time. This can reserve your energy for the rest of the project.

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Faster Project Completion

All those trips to the tip can take some effort, and above all time. The time it takes to load, unload and complete journeys is valuable time that could be used completing the project at hand. With domestic skip hire, you can concentrate on what matters most rather than clearing waste. All you have to do is give Cardiff & Caerphilly Skips a call and the container will be delivered to your home.

Save Your Car!

A car doesn’t have the easiest of spaces to cram large items in, especially if they’re oddly shaped. When you visit the tip, you’ll probably be using your own vehicle to transport the waste. Waste can damage the inside of your vehicle. If it is particularly dirty, it may even damage the upholstery and leave a horrible smell for some time. You won’t want to damage your vehicle for the sake of some rubbish. With domestic skip hire, you can protect your belongings.

For Domestic Skip Hire, Call Cardiff & Caerphilly Skips

Hiring a skip couldn’t be easier with our friendly and knowledgeable team.


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