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How To Dispose Of Appliances

Do You Know How To Dispose Of Appliances

In the UK, over 2 million tonnes of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) are thrown away by households and companies every year. WEEE consists of products that typically have a plug or require a battery. This includes all white appliances, televisions, radios, and much more. When such a large number of WEEE products are […]

Recycling Christmas Waste: A Guide

Christmas Recycling

Our Christmas recycling guide covers the kinds of waste you’re likely to find, receive, and create during the holiday season. “One person’s trash is another’s treasure,” and this is especially true when it comes to recycling your Christmas waste. According to Sainsbury’s Bank data, a whopping 5% of British people ‘re-gifted’ products they received over […]

Spring Cleaning And Skip Hire

Cardiff Skip Hire

While it is customary to have a huge, annual clean-out of your house or business in the spring, an increasing number of people are opting to perform their spring-cleaning in the summer! Of course, both times have advantages and disadvantages, but by taking advantage of our incomparable Skip Hire in Cardiff and throughout South Wales, […]

Common Items You Cannot Put In A Skip

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