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How To Load Domestic Skips Efficently

When you hire domestic skips, it’s important to ensure that they are filled correctly. Loading them efficiently could be the difference between spending more money on another container. So, it’s important that this process is given a thought. Before just throwing everything in and hoping for the best, it’s best to organise how you are going to fill the container beforehand. We like to think loading is just like a game of Tetris. You have to ensure that items are slotted in to utilise all the available space.

Flat Items First

If you have large and flat items to go in domestic skips, it’s good to lay these down first. If they were to be loaded any further up in the container, they could prove awkward to fit items around. Furthermore, soft materials like cardboard can be squashed down once the weight of other items are on top of it, making more room for more items.

Break Down Furniture

If you have any large items, it’s important to break them down as much as possible. There is only so much room in domestic skips, so it’s important to use this space wisely. If any furniture needs to go in, be sure to prepare it beforehand. Just throwing it in the containers might mean that those valuable available spaces are blocked. Ensure objects are broken up as much as they can be, so that they can be placed easily inside. Don’t forget about our game of Tetris we mentioned earlier. 

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Fill In Spaces With Loose Items

Once all the large objects are in domestic skips, use small items or loose debris to fill in the available crevices that are left. If you’ve got gravel, sand, or soil, these will be useful for filling these spaces between items. Leaving the smaller items until last will enable you to wedge them between all the other waste.

Fill It Level

Most importantly, when loading domestic skips you should always stop once it is level. If they are overfilled, you run the risk of extra charges or a collector refusing to pick the container up. An overfilled container can be dangerous both for the driver and other road users. By following our steps, you will be sure to fill the container efficiently and manage to keep the waste as flat and as level as possible.

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